Please Post Your Gas Mileage

In order of best to worst.

2001 Ram 2500 with a cummins/auto. 22mpg
2005 Mustang GT, 4.6/5spd. 20mpg (only had it a month so it may go up when I stop giggling every time I floor it)
2012 Jeep Wrangler, 3.6/auto 17mpg
1967 Mustang, 351/toploader 4spd 10mpg

I vowed never to go car shopping based on miles per gallon, I'm all about the Smiles per gallon. :D
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Smiles per gallon. Absolutely. If I cared about pg, I wouldn't still have an 04 Lightning. It gets about 12 mpg around town. And possibly 15 to 16 highway. I run only 93 octane in it, and it costs $3.359 right now. So not cheap, but lots of smiles.
2014 GT manual. Still within the "honeymoon phase" so I am doing some spirited driving here and there. Averaging 16.9 MPG. Mostly city driving with some highway mixed in. My work commute is short but I occasionally take it longer distances.

Right now I'm driving it less due to the whole COVID-19 mess :( (and mostly because Minnesota weather is still cold/wet)
As of today, the meter in my Mustang shows 20.1 for a 4.0 V-6. Oddly enough, that's better mileage than the 3.0 in my Ranger gets. My Ranger seems to only get around 16 in town, maybe 18 or 19 highway. But yeah, it's an aerodynamic brick when compared to a Mustang.
Last fill up, I reset the gas mileage to zero. Ever since, it's been hanging around 21.9 to 22.5. I guess maybe the longer you leave it alone, the longer it takes to register a change. But you reset it, it changes fast. When you reset it to zero and take off on a cruise around your favorite lake that has only one stop in 15 miles, it goes up fast.