96 Cobra Timing Issue


New Member
Feb 4, 2024
Hey all -

Tried to search many forums and cannot find a solution. I have a 96 cobra that has low compression on all cylinders. However - a leakdown test was performed, and each cylinder seals like it should when the crank is turned manually. Which has me guessing it’s a timing issue? I’ve seen several people on here mention how it’s rare for these cars to jump timing. I originally thought it was valves but now i’m just confused because everything sealed fine in the leakdown. Ruling out piston rings as well due to this. Also the car runs - but not great. All cylinders read at about 60psi per cylinder. The compression tester was accurate as it was tested on another running car. Any ideas of what the issue could be? Just trying to pinpoint it without taking the whole motor apart (which i may have to do anyways for the repair). Any help would be great, i’m stumped. Thanks!
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It could have jumped a tooth and still run
Unlikely to just jump one tooth and still run without jumping several more IMO
Pull the valve covers and see if the black tooth on the timing chain and the cam dot line up at TDC #1