please!! whats this worth?? am i getting screwed?

Its a 1987 Gt with these mods..

The body is good, the paint is probably 8.5 out of 10... even has really cool ghost flames on the hood!

The owner is very honest (yes, i can tell when im getting bs'd), and says it runs great, no leaks, doesnt burn oil, and has good oil pressure. It has all the A/C components, but the A/c isnt working.

1) Powerdyne 9 psi Supercharger
2) Ford GT-40 Crate engine WITH 59K MILES
3) GT-40 y aluminum heads
4) Ford Racing b303 cam
5) Crane 1.7 roller rockers
6) Ford 36lb injectors
7) K&N air filter
8) Pro M 75mm mass air meter
9) Anderson 4" power pipe
10) Ford Racing 65mm throttle body
11) MSD 6AL ignition
12) Ford Racing long tube headers
13) King Cobra Adjustable clutch
14) Tremec 3550 Transmission
15) Ford Racing aluminum driveshaft
16) Drive shaft safety loop
17) Ford Racing 3 row radiator
18) Ford Racing radiator hose kit
19) 180 degree thermostat
20) Boost Gauge
21) Fuel pressure gauge
22) Water temp gauge
23) Oil pressure gauge
24) Adjustable fuel pressure regulator
25) 31 spline axels
26) 4:10 gears
27) Weld Racing rims
28) Nitto Extreme drag radials
29) Pro 5.0 shifter
30) 6 point roll cage
31) 3" cowl hood
32) Cobra front bumper
33) CD/MP3 player
34) Upgraded speakers
35) Clear front head lights
36) White neon under body kit
37) Vortech FMU
38) T-rex in line fuel pump
39) 255 in tank fuel pump
40) Ford Racing aluminum valve covers
41) Speedometer changed from 85mph to 140 mph
42) K&N oil breather caps
43) 5 point safety harness ( driver and passenger)
44) Ford racing high torque starter


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$5000 seems like a good deal.
But in addition to removing the neons, without a doubt remove the vent visors.
He's probably not a real enthusiat because a real one wouldn't use the visors or the neons. So he may not have a clue how much it's worth.
If it's truely an 8.5 of 10, it's likely worth more than $5000.
5k would be a pretty good price, It looks real nice cept for the window vents and the neons. If it does have the mods you listed then it would definatly be worth 5k.

BTW thats not a cobra bumper that is a GT bumper with a cobra insert. The interior looks like crap but that can be fixed. Get some pics of the engine and so forth. Has the car ever been in a wreck? If your really interested in buying it do a carfax report on the vin # and see what it says.

Theres also a list somewhere on stangnet that has the typical things to look for and the things to watch out for when buying a fox.