Poly Rack Bushing Install


Nov 1, 2003
I want to install some poly rack bushings....Is there enough slack to just unbolt the rack from the frame with it up in the air and swap them or do I need to drop the outter tie rods and unhook the steering shaft (and hoses)?
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I've done it without doing anything other than divorcing the shaft from the rack and undoing the rack fasteners (I think that's all). It was a 15 minute task.

If your old stuff is corroded on, I hear it can be a real PITA (I live in the desert so I havent had to fight the metal sleeves or anything).

Good luck.

I've replaced the rack on my Capri but wasn't sure if I could just replace the bushings easily. I eventually need a new rack but just not right now. Mechanically it's OK but starting to leak. When I change out the rack I intend on getting new struts, ite rods and camber plates as well.
I'm in the middle of replacing the rack on my 92, and I'm having trouble getting it to drop, everything is disconnected, tie rod ends, steering shaft, bolts out of the crossmember. It seems like the aluminum spacer shafts that surround the bolts run all the way through the rack and crossmember. Are mine likely stuck together since I got some Ohio cancer in her? Anybody else had this problem, I had to give up for the night since it got dark and that just makes it more frustrating.
I had to put the back bushing on the rack mounting tube and then mount the rack on the tubes and then put in the front bushings. It didn't work when I put the bushings in the rack and then tried to install it, just not enough clearance.
I tried doing this and couldn't get the rack out far enough to replace the rear bushings. The fronts were easy enough to replace but when I pulled the rack forward the plumbing hit the oil pan.

I didn't hang the front wheels - I drove up on ramps. Is it necessary to hang the wheels?
did you loosen the rag joint? You may find doing that will allow it to pull more forward than you could get it before. I was gonna try to just pull mine out and change the O rings in the fittings and ending up having to take more apart than I anticipated so i just replaced the thing with a new unit.