Portland Swap Meet

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Steel Steeds

New Member
Aug 31, 2005
Portland, OR
Honestly I think eBay has ruined the swap meet. You used to be able to find good stuff for decent prices. Anymore it seems like people bring the crap they weren't able to unload for big bucks, so the selection sucks and is way overpriced. Everyone believes that rusty, banged up thing they took off the car out back is "RARE." :nonono:


New Member
Feb 8, 2006
Aberdeen, WA
i believe the website is portlandswapmeet.com..it's this coming weekend. From what i read on the site it's supposed to be a HUGE event, so that alone is worth getting away for.. if i dont go i'll be home working on the notch, you never know what's there till you go, right? and i'll bring a few hundred with me but likely wont spend much


Founding Member
Nov 1, 1999
Vancouver, WA
I'll be there Thurs @ the racetrack and Fri @ the Expo. :nice:
Screw Sat and Sun... freakin crowded mess. :nonono:

Ebay did screw up the swapmeets at first but since the shippers (UPS, USPS, Fed-Ex, etc) jumped on the gouging badwagon a few years ago, E-bay has dwindled down to squat, and I personally have seen the return of decent swapmeets in the last couple years. I guess it depends on what you're looking for and if you (and they) are willing to haggle. I ALWAYS haggle.... what swapps meets are all about. Historically this meet seems to see more markup, but not like it use to when E-bay was fresh and hot. The meet down at the Racetrack IMO is the better of the two. I always seem to spend more and find better deals at the racetrack rather than the expo.