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Jun 21, 2002
Hey, I noticed this thread in the Talk Section, but I think us 94-95 guys need our own. So post your latest or greatest kill stories....Im gonna post my 4 kills yesterday.

About one month ago my buddy brought a 92 LX. Mods include 347 stroker, equal length headers, o/r h pipe, dynomax muffs dumped, stock heads(yeah i know, not much flow for this engine), stock intake, anderson power pipe, MSD ignition, stock 3.08 gear, short throw shifter, and stock rubber. My mods are listed below and I basically have a bolt on 94 GT 5-speed, nothing special. I have been at college till last week and we finally decided to run them, especially since he has been fixing things that keep breaking. We go to the back roads, line them up and go on 3. My nittos hooked hard and I took him off the line, make my shifts perfectly, and by 100 I'm up about 5-6 carlengths. We did this 3 more times and each time I whomped on him bad. Even after he hooked up, I would still pull on him. I felt good that my heavy GT whooped on a 347, even though he was spinning and his engine combo sucks. Well post your stories guys, i wanna hear some kills
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how do you know it's a 347, did the guy he bought it from say that? i don't quite understand the point of going through all the trouble to stroke an engine the choke it with stock heads and intake. :shrug:
Apparently, the guy we bought it from said it was a 347, but who knows unless we take the engine apart and measure the crank and all. As for stock heads and such, lets just say that the people who had it built weren't very bright when it came to making a proper engine combo. The engine came with a comp cams box intake, but my buddy swapped it for a stocker because of severe vacuum leak and low $$. I know what you mean though, its pointless to have a 347 unless u get more airflow. Thats why my friend bought it though, cuz he can easy buy heads and intake in the future.....but right now its slow
No real good kill stories here, no one even tries to race me around here, its no fun, dammit!!

I did race my fathers 02S281 supercharged coupe.. When my motor still had the stock heads, and cam, i beat him by a good 3-5 cars from a 10mph-80mph roll.

Last week at the track, i totally spanked this modded C4 vette, letting out of it 3 times, and getting no traction.

not that its fair, but ive raced my buddies GST eclipse a few times, and left him about 10 school busses behind.

I do remember when running at the track in the past, when i was making around 320RWHP, i would jsut watch the guy next to me drift back from the start, and then look back at the finish and barely see him way back there, in my rear view.
How's this for a "kill". A few months ago I was coming home from work at night, and in front of me was a teal 94-95 GT. He pulled off the road and let me pass, only to come up behind me later. I seen him coming and put 'er to the floor. He smoked my A$$ gooood. :owned:

I haven't seen him since the 4.10's, pulleys, and H pipe install. :D
I raced another stock 94-95 Mustang yesterday and I put 1-2 cars on him he had 2 people in his car and I had 1 so thats about right.

Also my friend lost for the first time in his 2000 Firebird Formula to a BPU RX-7.

I also raped some kid in a riced out Tiburon. They are real slow.

And a couple nights ago I got raped by a Twin Turbo Hennessey Viper.

Those are the races I got cruising Route 37 Friday and Saturday.

i was cruisin the beach one night, and after getting off the strip theres this two laned road (pretty long/straight) and this 98gt pulled up next to me chirping some gears.. So we slow down to 20ish and i give him the wave to punch it, he hits it, then i hit it and i catch him and just walk him like no bodys business. He had to try one more time, i beat him again.. Then we pull up to the next light, and hes says to me "that a blown 4.6??", i say nah its a 5.0 and he gives me the wierdest look like he didnt expect it.. Keep in mind i have the 98 cobra rear/front bumpers, and hood.. Alot of people mistake my car for a 4.6, kinda makes me wanna put the horizontal tail lights back on.. BUt i did put some 302 stickers on my hood. BTW this was after my gt40 crate motor install.
In the five years I have owned my car I have had quite a few kills / losses in various arenas. My first stop light race in my car was when it was stock. it was against a modded fox, and i got spanked by 3-4 car lengths. that is when the modding bug bit me. After that I started racking up the kills. I have beeten any number of BMWs in various states of tune [though no new m3s yet]. I know I am faster than my dads 95 911 [but only in a strait line]. I have taken out my fair share of the generals plastic bowties, though no corvettes newer than c4. I had one really dramatic win by barely a car length on a modded Camaro ss when I had a pasenger with me durring rush hour at a stop light. My most recent kill happened at englishtown yesterday after the cmj car show. I had been having my troubles, i burnt the clutch my first run. My second pass was just to make sure my clutch was alright [thank goodness it was]. After a long cool down whith two bags of ice I got back in the staging lanes and waited for what seemed like an hour to go. When we finally lined up I thought it was all over when a vw from eip tuning pulled up with gutted interior and slicks. fortunately i counted wrong so it ran a 10 second pass on the guy in front of me [So I can still claim no vw has beeten me]. But what does pull up next to me is an integra with slicks sporting forced induction and a ton of mods. Normally this would not faze me except that I was on street tires and had a questionable clutch [as mentioned earlier]. Worse still the anouncer says to the crowd, "here it is folks, a classic match up between Americain muscle and import power..." I missed the rest of it because i was thinking "gee, no pressure here..." So we line up for a burn out, which I did not do hoping to save what was left of my clutch for the run. This must have pissed the 'teg off because he pulls a long smokey one; either to intimidate me or impress the crowd. After this we inched forward and each triped the first lights, the second ones were then also tripped... almost simultaneously. I had just enough time to say "f#%k it!" throw it into first [i had been thinking about launching in second to save the clutch] before the light started falling. Before the light hit the floor the 'teg was moving. I droped the hammer and had to play catch up as he had jumped 2 car lengths on me before we had gone even 30.' As first tops out I am down to 1.5 car lenths. By the top of second it was 1 car length; top of third half a car length. Then i hit fourth and the 'teg disapeared behind me. The results were thus, the 'teg ran a 14.529 at 97.23, his reaction time was a red lighting .290 to my less than steller .934. My time was a 13.4 at 113.51. So much for my slipping clutch, it did heros work. So that's that. Cant wait to here your stories!
i went downtown to the street races one night just to watch. this guy wants to know if my car is stock, and at the time it was. i told yes, then he wanted to know if i wanted to race his old rusty, multi-colored bodied fox mustang. i said whatever. i asked him what he had done and he said it was stock, i didn't believe him because he wouldn't let me look under the hood. he started his car and it was loud as ****, and idled like something a lot bigger. i knew from then i was gonna get my ass handed to me. we lined up and a guy waved us off, through first we were even,but we hit second gear and man....... his car was literally as least 15-20 car lengths ahead me by the time i was ready to shift to fourth. we stopped at the end, and i said "there's no way your car is stock"
the guy just smiled and yelled "351 with 4.10's". it was a fun race, but ass got stomped.
:( I'll let you guyz know about my kill stories as I drive around my brothers 02' cavalier LS Sport for the next 2 or 3 weeks. I'm gonna get my ass handed to me so many times its not even funny. But I'll be happy as hell when my DSS 331 is in the car. Woot! :nice: Man I cant wait..... :drool:
This is my all time favorite post on - This guy talked a lot of crap before he came down to the track. Pretty well said I was lying about my times. The pressure was on to save face. My buddies were ALL standing on the sidelines for this race!

Here's his post (BTW - he stopped coming to the website after this):
Oh man, do I really have to put this out here?

Ok, Here goes, although I don't drive a chevy, I guess this is the closest place to put this. I ran gcomfx(Paul) at MOKAN today, and I came home with the yellow slip. I saw that my son was running pretty consistant 13.40's, and heard that gcomfx was also running 13.40's on the juice. I thought I would give a shot at running the 99 T/A against Pauls Stang for a great race. Running a Mustang, especially on juice, usually inspires good driving. In this case, it apparently inspired Pauls good driving because he cut his best time of 13.37 to my 13.69. So, now I have to hear it from here, and from my Son about my driving skills! No excuses here, it was a good race, and that Stang pulls strong even though it is a mild 302 with a 100 shot. My cars best time of the day with my son driving it was a 13.42, so that wasn't enough today either(he did have some good kills, and didn't bring home any yellow slips). Over all it was a great day, and was nice to meet you guys. Sorry I didn't stay around awhile, but we needed to get started back to K.C.

So..... NEXT TIME! You better be sure and get some drag radials, cause you can be sure I will be wearing a pair of stickies of some sort, and I think maybe it's time to put out the bucks for some underdrive pulley's.

I still don't get it..... 14.9's off the juice, and 13.3's on?

1974 SD-455 Trans Am.
1999(LS1) 30th Anniversary Trans Am, lid, K&N, exhaust cut-out.
2003/01/03 - WL teen dies from his injuries
A West Lafayette teen critically injured in a single-vehicle collision two days before Christmas has succumbed to his injuries.

Robert "Rob" Duket, a 2002 honors graduate of West Lafayette High School, died Wednesday at Indiana University Medical Center in Indianapolis.
Full Story Here.
2002/05/26 - Wrecks claim lives of 8; Accidents make for deadly start to holiday weekend
Eight people were killed in five Central Texas crashes late Friday and Saturday, including four people in a car hit by a suspected drunken driver, marking a deadly start to the long holiday weekend.
Full Story Here.
2001/12/31 - N.C. State student killed in car crash
RALEIGH, N.C. -- A 23-year-old man was killed Sunday night in a one-car wreck on the Beltline near Melbourne Road, police said today.
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Street Racing Tragedies
2003/05/01 - Alleged Street Racing Leaves Elderly Woman Dead
SANTA ANA — A 74-year-old woman was killed when a driver allegedly racing down a surface street veered into oncoming traffic and smashed head-on into her vehicle.
Full Story Here.
2003/02/27 - A Rockford man, 22, dies after his car crashes on East State Street.
A high-speed drag race down East State Street at the start of rush hour led to the death of a 22-year-old Rockford man Tuesday afternoon.
Full Story Here.
2003/02/12 - Drag racing may have led to crash that killed teen
Two teenage boys may be charged with vehicular manslaughter after a car driven by one of them in a race against the other went out of control and killed a girl returning home from a library, police said.
Full Story Here.
2002/08/29 - Police charge woman in alleged racing accident that killed son
Two Lexington County teenagers have been charged in a crash that killed two people last week.
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2002/06/20 - Man killed in high speed accident
An Orange Park man driving about 100 mph was killed about 3 this morning after he lost control of his car and collided into a utility pole, police said.
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2002/06/20 - High-Speed Crash Kills Man
JACKSONVILLE, Fla., 10:43 a.m. EDT June 20, 2002 - A single-car crash killed one man near Baldwin before dawn Thursday.
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2002/06/03 - Bystanders hurt at drag race
NEW ORLEANS - Bystanders watching an illegal drag race late Sunday in eastern New Orleans were injured when they were hit by at least one of the cars that lost control during the race.
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2002/05/20 - Drag Race Turns Deadly: Driver Expected To Face Charges
WARREN-- A driver injured in a drag race that turned deadly is expected to face charges Monday.
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2002/05/14 - Suspected Drunken Driver Kills Family During Race
A suspected drunken driver raced a Ford Mustang the wrong way down Interstate 80, slamming into a van and killing four cousins and a mother, authorities said.
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2002/05/02 - Street race crash hurts student, 16, Police say she was ejected when the car hit a tree at high speed.
An after-school street race severely injured a 16-year-old Natomas High School student who was a passenger in a red Mustang convertible that plowed into a tree at more than 70 mph, police said.
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2002/02/15 - Speed of 150 mph estimated in fatal collision on I-275
SHARONVILLE — A fatal crash involving several vehicles on Interstate 275 Thursday afternoon shut down both sides of the highway between the Reed Hartman Highway and U.S. 42 exits for hours, snarling traffic for miles.
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2002/02/15 - Community mourns accident victim
BIRMINGHAM, February 14 -- A memorial service was planned for Thursday night for a popular Gardendale High School cheerleader who, police say, was the victim of teen-aged drag racing.
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2002/02/04 - Street race suspected in fatal car, bike crash - Dead cyclist is still unidentified; driver who killed self remembered
Police are investigating whether the driver of a car that struck and killed a bicyclist on Saturday was racing another vehicle just before the collision.
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2002/01/02 - Accident leaves 3 teens injured; driver charged with felony DUI
A Rock Hill teen-ager has been charged with two counts of felony DUI for an accident that sent him and two others to the hospital Tuesday morning, according to the S.C. Highway Patrol.
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2001/12/31 - Driver held in car-racing death
The driver of a Ford Mustang in a Saturday night drag race in Gresham lost control and slammed into a tree, killing an 11-year-old girl in his back seat, police said.
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2001/12/27 - Erin Gormley, 18, is accused of killing two people while street racing. She remains free on bail.
LAGUNA NIGUEL -- In her first court appearance since the Nov. 26 traffic collision in which she is accused of killing two people, Erin Gormley sat next to her father, holding his hand and quietly sobbing.
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2001/12/25 - Driver charged in racing deaths
Erin Gormley, 18, of San Clemente was charged Monday with one count of gross vehicular manslaughter and one count of felony drunken driving for a Nov. 26 accident that left two men dead, officials said.
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2001/12/20 - Suspect in drag race rear-ends car, own mother killed
DONA VISTA -- The drivers in the two Ford Mustangs raced each other down the small-Central Florida town highway at speeds well over 100 mph. One, Dwight Samples, had owned his car for less than two weeks.
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2001/11/29 - Racing leads to deaths // Illegal street race turns deadly when Mustang crashes into van
Erin Gormley, 18, of San Clemente was charged Monday with one count of gross vehicular manslaughter and one count of felony drunken driving for a Nov. 26 accident that left two men dead, officials said.
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2000/12/13 - Alpharetta teen killed in high-speed crash ; Man charged with manslaughter, DUI after racing
An Alpharetta man is being charged with first-degree vehicular manslaughter after a Dec. 9 wreck on Mid Broadwell Road that killed his 19-year-old friend Eric Mills.
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Driving Skill Tragedies
2002/06/02 - Funeral Under Way For Clayton Teen Killed In Wreck; Passengers Survive Single-Car Crash
CLAYTON, N.C. -- Funeral services are being held Monday morning for a teen who died during a single-car accident Friday.
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2002/02/10 - Police chase ends with deaths of teen, toddler
ESCONDIDO, Calif. (AP) — A police chase early Sunday ended in the death of a teen-ager and her 5-year-old sister after the driver being chased crashed into the girls' pickup truck, officials said.
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2002/01/29 - Fatal Crash In Fairfax Is Eluding Explanation - Sister and Brother Mourned in Charles
Police are unsure what led to the crash that killed three teenagers near Fort Belvoir on Sunday as the tightknit Charles County community where two of them lived mourned them yesterday.
Full Story Here.
2002/01/14 - Two Teens Are Killed in High-Speed Crash
Two Saugus High School athletes were killed early Sunday morning in a high-speed crash. The driver had no license, the accident's investigator said.
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2002/01/10 - Jury Gives Driver 3 1/2 Years In Violinist's Road Rage Death
After hearing about the full and vaied life of National Symphony Orchestra violinist Bryan E. Johnson, a Fairfax County jury had to decide yesterday how much to punish Mark A. Blowe for taking that life in a road rage episode along Interstate 66 last July 4.
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2002/01/10 - Man is killed when car hits tree, burns
A Cumming man was killed Wednesday when his car left the road, struck a tree and burst into flames.
Full Story Here.
At the strip, my best kill was probably a C4 Vette. It was one of the later ones with the round tail and the LT1 motor. I put almost a half second on that dude. He was an older guy, and I will admit, he had a very nice looking, well-maintained car.

But I don't street race, and don't put much stock in street race results. Anything can happen on the street.
Stang GT 94: "What are your mods?"
Here are the highlights. Vortech sc-trim, Steeda#19 cam and Trickflow heads built by Crazy Horse racing [because the origeonal trickflow drivetrain fell apart in 2 months]. As my sig says, it has dynoed [when warmed up] at around 420hp at the wheels and 410lbft. Aside from the above it has all the usual bolt-ons.
one time i went to watch my friends race at the drag strip. and i took my brothers 93 2.3 ranger, b/c my mustang was apart. one of the trucks was a 4.3 vortec sierra. they were all making fun of my lil 2.3 so i decided to race one of them. the truck was a 5 speed along with mine. we lined'em up, and took out, he was ahead of me obviously, but missed 3rd really bad, and had to get outta it, this being enought to let the lil 2.3 chug onto victory on the short 1/8 track. had it been a 1/4 it would have been a great come from behind victory. oh, we never let him live down how he was :owned:
blown302 said:

2002/01/10 - Man is killed when car hits tree, burns
A Cumming man was killed Wednesday when his car left the road, struck a tree and burst into flames.
Full Story Here.

Is there anyone else that is NOT surprised by this? If I was cumming while driving, I'd probably go off the road too.
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