Potential Owner, a few questions


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Feb 16, 2007
I drive a 96 Cobra. Since I got the car a month ago, my GF has fell in love with Mustangs. She is looking at a 2000 v6 Convertible with the 4 speed auto and 90,000 miles on the clock. It is in great shape, loaded, all factory, guy is asking $8000. Good deal? How do these cars hold up to 150k+miles? How are the convertibles (I always have thought that they leaked, but nothing to base that on)? She isn't interested at all in racing, so much that she gets aggravated when I talk about running mine, therefore speed isn't an issue. Main concern is reliability, it will be a daily driver. Also, what MPG are you guys getting? Thanks for any input.
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Yeah, that is about average retail for a car like that. I would try and talk him down though. I wouldn't pay $8k for an 8-9 year old car, even though miles are somewhat low. I have not heard of many problems with them leaking. My dad drives an 01 Cobra vert and takes it through high pressure car washes and has never had a problem, although that car is extremely babied as it only has about 35k miles. If it does leak, try replacing the sealing rubber first, depending on where it leaks. Gas mileage should be around 17 or 18 in town and about 24 on the highway.
She really likes the car, but I was really hoping gas mileage would be better. I have $7000 invested in my 96 Mystic Cobra with 120k miles and a decent list of mods. With it I get around 20 mpg city (worst I have ever gotten is 18) and 26 highway. We may wait for a deal on a GT to come around if mileage is gonna be the same. Any other opinions? Thanks.
Mine is a hardtop, which is a little lighter, but I have gotten a lot better than 24mpg. I usually get about 27 with 75% highway miles, and the best I got was 30 mpg on a 100% highway trip. In town, I expect about 20 to 22mpg. Keep it tuned up and keep your foot out of the gas and you'll do well.
I have a good list of mods, and my mileage is low, I know that. I have a lot of things working against me, large, heavy 18" wheels, O/R x-pipe, etc... The Cobras usually see pretty good mileage because of 4 valves per cylinder. Really, from the factory the 99-04 body style cars all have about the same rating for mileage (minus the 03-04 Cobra).