power door lock actuators, door locks work without em?


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Sep 5, 2001
Hate to sound stupud, but can I simply remove the actuators from my door locks and everything else work fine? the passenger side one is froze and has the pass door screwed up, thinking about tossing em and letting them be manual locks. just making sure this will not cause me any problems in the future.
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The doors will work OK without them. But, using my el cheapo upgrade is a better plan...

Follow this link to fix your door lock actuator problems http://bellsouthpwp.net/l/r/lrichker/Mustang_tech/door_actuator_fix/1_of_8_door_actuator.htm

Stuck with door lock actuators that don't work and don't want to pay the $50+ for a new one? Tried the junkyard ones and found that they last six months and freeze up?

A new actuator for less than $5. Fix one side for $18, do both sides for only $25. I don't sell parts, I don’t make any money off of the upgrade, I just tell you how to do it cheaply and easily.

Here’s a picture of the new actuator installed:

I'm diggin that idea, seems like I saw some of those hanging in the parts house the other day, definitely beats the hell out of paying $60 for a set :D

I have another question, what kind of switch could I mount in the console for the power locks? I had my door panels recovered and they covered the hold up for the switch, the car is a 1986 model. I just thought about installing some kind of simple switch in the console somewhere that would work the locks.