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Feb 5, 2014
He's a question for you guys... Got the motor finally back in the car yesterday... for the powersteering cooler, stock it had that little tube with no fins, really don't see this cooling that much... anyway... trying to deiced whether to put that back in... or... user the one in the new Alum 3 core SVE radiator I bought over 4 years ago... at the time LMR only sold the ones with the auto trans cooler in it... so, since I have a 5-speed... that is going to be unused... so.. would it be ok to use that for the power steering??? or should I use the old B&M Trans cooler I had sitting around for 10+ years that I never used?

I like the idea of using the one in the radiator since it's already there, and keeps things cleaner... but wasn't sure what temp the power steering should be running at, would it cool too much, or would the coolant in the radiator make it hotter then normal?

what do you guys think? btw the steering rack is a new (well refurbed kit I got form LMR, came with Moog inner outer tie rods ect and poly rack mount bushings) just put that on Sunday before the motor went in... got new lines, and I'm planning to just buy a new pump also... at this point why not, every thing else is being replaced in the car... lol
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wonder how much it would cost to ship you a pair
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Aug 25, 2016
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I'm not sure about using the radiator transmission cooler, unless you autocross a lot you don't need much, an alternative would be to find a finned ps cooler from a police car or a truck from the 70' to the 80's, they had them mounted on top of the ac compressor.


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Feb 18, 2001
It's pretty common, but it also depends on what temp you are actually seeing when driving around. The downside of using that location is if your PS fluid is running cool, you are actually heating it up by passing it through the radiator.

I'd stick with a cheap $15 PS plate cooler and call it a day
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