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Apr 8, 2004
Ontario, Canada
Hey guys, today, all of a sudden... my power window stopped working on the drivers side. I checked all the fuses and they seemed alright. I also took off the door handle and checked the plug to the switch... it seemed alright, and it can still operate the passenger side window. I dont know what else to chek! Im kinda worried, because naturally when the window decided to stop working, it was in the down position... so i cant really take my car anywhere... Any suggestions!?! I hope the motor isnt blown, that would be a PITA on the first day of summer. lmao
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for a quick fix (to get a down window up), pop the inner door panel and loosen the motor. have someone hold the window glass for ya. move the motor an inch down or sideways and pull the glass up by hand. then reaffix the motor.
at least your window will be up.

good luck.
Window fix

If your bushings are bad you should be able to hear and feel the motor, the glass might wrigggle a bit also, when you press the button for up or down movement. If there is no noise from the motor the brushes in the motor are history. You can get brushes form 50resto they are inexpensive. I replaced the brushes on the passenger side 2 months ago, pretty easier.

Clamp on some vise grips on the large gear in the door to keep the glass from falling and hurting itself or you. Remove three bolts that hold motor. Remove motor, remove end cap (2 bolts). The tricky part is replacing the brushes, need to solder and desolder two copper braide wires and insert the motor. While you have the motor out replace the nylon busings.

Good Luck!
Before you go and take the motor apart, if the passenger side window is working from the drivers side, take the switch cover off, switch the drivers side and passenger side switches and see if the window will go up. Just to rule out the drivers side switch hasn't gone bad.

I just had to replace mine this week. It just stopped working one day and it was the switch not the motor. $11.95 from 5.0resto.
Thanks for the help guys. I pulled the motor out and checked all the plastic gears etc. they were fine, but i didnt hear the motor when i hit the switch... so I took a miltimeter and tested the cables going to the motor, and they get power when the switch is hit... so it must be the brushes... i appreciate the help guys.
Like said before...

check to make sure you are getting power to the motor. Get new motors but in the meantime you can do what I did, remove the motor so you can pull the windown up and down by hand.