Predator tune question


Founding Member
Sep 28, 1999
Metro Detroit
I tried to put in the 93 octane tune today but the cursor won't allow the cursor to grab the right heading. Therefore, I went to the Global Timing heading and added 2 degrees to that field. it had been set at 0 and looked like it could be set between -10 to +10.

I have 3 questions:

1. Did I add +2 degrees of timing to the base factory timing?

2. If so what is the base factory timing? 8 degrees initial?

3. By adding 2 degrees to the Global Timing will I add 2 degreees to the 2000-4000RPM and 4000-7000RPM advance timing also?

I am running 93 or 94 octane regularly and just took the Stang for a ride and it drove great, with seemingly less hesitation. I'd like to add more timing and find the ideal zone, but I don't want to screw anything up either. I would think something around 13-16 degrees would be safe but I don't have any experience with these motors. Please chime in if you have any experience with this! Thanks.
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