probably a frequent question????


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Dec 21, 2003
springfield MO
I installed 2 hollywood 12's, running off of a bazooka amp in my cobra last year. I just tapped into the wires inbetween the rear factory amps, and used one of those schose things from walmart, to convert it to rca. It sounded ok for a while, then it crapped out. The speakers although they are old, tested out ok, so I got a new sony amp. it seems like I have to turn the inputs up too much, and it causes the amp to go in to protect mode. It will sound ok for a little while, and then shut off, and then come back on, over and over. This seems like it is a big problem with the mach 460 stuff. I was thinking, if I tapped into the wires coming out of the amps, it is crossovered right, and then, the walmart box, changes the signal, and finally the amp controls the signal. How in the heck do I wire it the right way? I would love to rip out everything, and start all over, but I would have to do it right, which means alot of cash. I am not new to stero stuff, but wires that are suppossed to be a certain color (+-) don't always match up. Could I just tap into the inputs for the amps? and if so which wires would I use, there are three one red, and I think on the drivers rear, a green, and a brown. This system just cant make enough bass. The only thing I haven't tried is turning the bass on the head unit up, so I don't have to boost up the inputs. everything is out from now, but I need some boom soon!!! after ten years of thump, 5x7, or 6x8 just don't cut it. PLEASE HELP!!!!! thanks, chris :nonono: :nonono: :shrug: :shrug: :fuss:
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