Problem with throttle body


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Jun 30, 2004
Hi there. I installed a Accufab 70 ml throttle body on my 02 GT Mustang. The installation went fine but now the car's idle sticks around 1800rpm. Basically when you take your foot off the gas the idle wont come down. It will sit at the 1800 rpm range for a few seconds then drop to curb idle. I called Accufab and they told me to resest the computer (disconnect the battery) and wait for the computer to adjust. It's been over two months now and still it is sticking. Any ideas on what to do would be appreciated. BTW its a 5 speed car. Thanks
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You either need to adjust the throttle stop screw or rotate your tps sensor some more. Probably just your throttle stop, though. If it's open too much, not only does it let excess air in, but your tps sensor won't read that the throttle is all the way shut, so it makes it hang.
Yep, .98-1.0 is what you want it at so Id say your good on that end. I just installed my 75mm tb/plenum combo. Mine sticks at around 1300 for 5 seconds or so then drops to normal idle. Doesnt bother me one bit actually. I kinda hope it stays like that. Ive read that some guys on here had this problem and it went away in a couple of weeks. Your case seems to be different.
I dont see how the idle adjust screw would cause this or help fix it. If you lower it to where it sticks lower, your only going to drop to WAY low rpms once it levels out. I would think its something besides the idle screw being off :shrug: