progress i think


May 22, 2003
all i have left is motormount nuts to pull then my old motor is coming out of my 83 gt in favor of one with a lil more power. i have 2 questions for yall though first has anyone ever used the underdrive pullies that advanced auto sells if so how do you like them? 2nd question while the motor is out and i have more room i was thinking about a manual rack and pinion, where can i get one cheap and should i replace my steering. one more question any one know where i can get a rear seat delete kit for the 83
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i was looking through 5.0 magazine and wild rides race cars sells a "deluxe manual rack install kit" for like $350 or something i dont know what all this includes i think maybe like the rack a new steering shaft and such maybe some hardware this sound like a good price? and whats the number for 5.0 resto?