(pt 2 Of 3) Complete How To: Supercharge 4.ol V6 Sohc - Mustang 05-10


Mar 31, 2014
Okanagan, BC
**NOTE: PART 2 of 3 (30 image limit on this blog)

Disconnect MAF plug.


Disconnect Crank Case Vent hose from the Intake Hose.


Disconnect EGR plug and EGR vac line. Remove the EGR valve and set aside for future use.


Disconnect Spark Plug Wires and remove the Plug Wire Retaining Clip from the top of the Stock Intake Manifold. Disconnect the Vac Line and Fuel Vapor Return Line as shown. Mark them with tape if necessary.


Disconnect Electrical Plug Mount from Stock Intake Manifold. Use the supplied short plastic straps to secure this to your wiring harness or fuel rail as required.


Disconnect the passenger side Crank Case Ventilation Tube.


Remove the two bolts shown. This will disconnect your Stock Intake Manifold from your Ignition Coil Mounting Bracket.


Disconnect the plug to your Ignition Coil.


Pry your Ignition Coil assembly toward the Driver Side (the assembly should be displaced by approximately 2-2.5" to allow for the future relocation of your EGR valve).


Remove the Stock Rubber Intake Tube and set it aside for future use.


Disconnect the Throttle body. You may want to loosen the Coolant Line Retaining Clips to allow the coolant lines to twist on their mount points. Place the Throttle Body aside for future use.


Use a T-30 Torx bit and remove the eight bolts that connect the Stock Intake Manifold to the Engine Block. The bolt locations are shown below:


Clean and vacuum the area if necessary. Be sure to clean the Engine Block’s mating faces. Caution: Do not drop anything into the Intake Ports. Before Proceeding, fill the Intake Ports with rags or paper towel.


Place a bead of RTV Black Liquid Gasket around the engine's inlet ports as shown.


Obtain the Moddbox Lower Plenum and fit the Future Intercooler Inlet/Outlet ports with the provided NPT plugs. Place a bead of RTV Black Liquid Gasket around the ports openings as shown.

Optional: If you have purchased a ModdBox Intercooler Kit, replace the provided NPT plugs with the provided NPT hose fittings. Refer to the ModdBox Intercooler Kit Installation Manual for further



Caution: The Plenum Base Plate is NOT reversible. Before placing the Plenum Base Plate on the Engine Block, note the orientation of the lower plenum. The front of the lower plenum has a bulge as shown in the picture below. Torque the provided M6x35 SHCSs to 13lbft. Start at the center bolts and work your way to the ends in a cross-pattern.


Remove the stock alternator shield.


Remove the Coolant Cap. Locate the plastic Radiator Drain Valve at the bottom passenger side of the Radiator. Turn this plug and release approximately a gallon of coolant fluid (~4L).


Remove the Stock Upper Radiator hose and set it aside for future use. Remove the Thermostat Coolant Elbow and replace it with the one provided as shown. Be sure to clean the mating flanges and replace the o-ring. Failure to do so may result in a coolant leak.


Replace the Stock Upper Radiator hose with the one supplied. The Throttle Body Coolant Hoses will need to be re-arranged as shown.


Obtain the Moddbox Intake Manifold and install the brass fittings as shown (2x 1/4" NPT Plugs and 2x 1/4"-3/8" Barbs). Use the hardware and RTV Black Liquid Gasket to securely bolt the supplied block plates as shown. Install the Supercharger Bypass Valve as shown. The NPT Plug shown below is for an optional Future Methanol Injection Port.

Optional: If you plan to install a methanol injection kit, it is advisable to install the methanol injection nozzle at this time.


Connect the 14" long 3/8" hose to the 3/8" Barb as illustrated below. Secure it with one of the provided stainless hose clamps. Leave the other end loose until a later step.


Obtain your Eaton M90 Supercharger (either an 89-93 oval or 94-95 rectangular style M90) and the provided ModdBox Stainless Steel Supercharger Pulley Adapter. Remove the supercharger's flange bolt and ensure the shaft key is inserted and aligned.


Use a propane torch to pre-heat the Stainless Steel Pulley Adapter (allowing it to thermally expand). Slip the supercharger Adapter onto your supercharger shaft until it binds. Note: The pulley is designed to have an interference fit which will cause the pulley to jam once it slips halfway onto the shaft. If you do not have a torch, simply placing the adapter in a cup of boiling water should expand the adapter enough to proceed.


If you did not use a torch, the threads of the supercharger shaft might not be exposed. Use a hammer and a socket and gently tap the Adapter further down the shaft until the first few threads on the supercharger shaft are exposed beyond the Stainless Adapter bore as shown below.


Utilize the stock Eaton M90 Supercharger Lock Nut and two box wrenches. Use one wrench to prevent the Adapter from rotating (utilizing the flats on the stainless steel part) and use the other wrench to apply torque on the Supercharger Lock Nut. Continue to torque down the nut until the back of the Adapter hits the stop on the Supercharger shaft. Caution: Be sure that no debris falls into your

Eaton M90 Supercharger. The tolerances on your supercharger is only ~0.003"-0.007" and can be damaged if material gets sucked into the supercharger housing. Rotating the rotors by hand can generate enough air flow to suck debris into the rotors. Use a vacuum to clear your rotors prior to installation.


Obtain the provided ModdBox 6PK Custom Pulley and slip it onto the Supercharger Pulley Adapter. Caution: The pulley is a machined precision slip-fit (only when both parts are room temperature). You must either heat the Pulley or wait for the Adapter to cool prior to slipping it on. No force should be required. The pulley will not bind if it is slipped on straight.


Rotate the pulley and align the M5 threads with the pulley holes (should rotate freely if slipped on correctly). Torque down the provided M5x16mm socket head cap screws.


Obtain the Moddbox Plenum Top Plate. Install the 1/8" NPT and 1/4" NPT Brass Plugs as shown. These plugs have been provided for the use of optional intake temperature and boost senors/controllers.

Apply a bead of the RTV Black Liquid Gasket to the Moddbox Plenum Top Plate flange as illustrated.

Optional: If you plan to install a boost gauge or intake temperature sensor, it is advisable to install them at this time.


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