Quad shocks


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Apr 9, 2002
hey guys...

I just flipped my quadshock to make my 275/40/17 tires fit and now its worse than before!! So I flipped them back :bang:. Can it be my quads are not stock? ..should'nt they have fit..? What do i do now :shrug: . oh yeah..the quads I have now are blue in color..are these stock? Thanks
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Its not in my budget right now..can I just ditch the quads for now untill I can buy those parts?..will effect anything or lead something to break? Also if i keep them on can my tire or wheel blow or something :D

Just take em off and see if you get bad wheel hop, I'd rather have the hop than the tires rubbing on the quads. The rubbing can cause bad things to happen during evasive manuvering....surprise you're suddenly sideways in a swerve....not good. With wheel hop just let off and no problems.

A friend removed the quads with stock suspension and didn't have problems. I run MM lowers and FMS uppers without quads and it's sweet with 275/40R17 DRs.

Good Luck, Don
squeeeg said:
Is there a chance that the quads had already been flipped before? Either way I would take them off and live through the traction issues until you can get a set of control arms. It is better then needing new tires sooner.
That was the first thing that came to my mind was that the person before flipped the quads for extra clearance and he flipped them back to the original position.
The originals are not blue. They are black. If you have an aftermarket quad shock on there, you'll have a big end (cover) that compresses down over the little end (shock body). You can cut off the cover on the big end and gain more clearance.
I never checked the clearance on the floor...does it make a difference if theres no clearance when the car is on the lift or when its on the floor? Thanks :nice: ....
The stock quads have no cover on the shaft so they are very narrow on that end.. hence why flipping them so that the narrow part is by the tire works. You appear to have an aftermarket replacement with a cover over the shaft so flipping it will make no difference. Either cut off the cover or just remove it and try it... you might be okay without it.
I have no cover on the small shaft. Could be they were already flipped. But I bought the car with 255/45/17 in the rear not 275's. When I flipped them the small shaft (skinny shaft) was pointing upwards. Now I flipped them back the way they were with the small shaft facing downwards. Is this the right way? Thanks :)
Throw them in the trash!
They are just extra weight and get in the way.
Remove the 2 bolts that hold that stupid stud toward the rear and toss it as well.
Now when you move the battery to the rear you have a nice place for a ground!
Just my .02