Quarter Panel Extension Gap?


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Dec 30, 2013
So I just got my 1968 Coupe back from the body shop. New body parts include both quarter panels, trunk lid, tail light panel, doors and fenders. All new body panels are Dynacorn brand. The other day I test fitted the quarter extensions and found out that the trunk lid is not even close to lining up (the quarter extension sticks out too far from the rear of the car) and there is a 1/4"-3/8" gap where the quarter extension meets up with the tail light panel - see picture. Both the driver and passenger sides have the same issue. I have new quarter extensions and the original ones and both types have the same issue with the originals being a marginally better fit. From what I can tell, the quarters and tail light panel are aligned correctly. Any body got any ideas?


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you have a couple of problems .the end of the quarter where the end caps sits does not appear to be flat so it is holding the end cap away from the quarter .just flatten it and it should pull up .that should close up the gap at the tail panel.were the end caps and trunk lid fit at the same time as the quarters were installed ? also Dynacorn quarters are a slight bit longer than original so the trunk lid gap will have to be a bit wide in the front . can you post more pics ,close up and sides to?
As the other pics I attached show, the end cap fits nice with the quarters on the outsides, just not with the quarter panel. I'm wondering if there is something weird with the tail light panel itself....

I will have to ask my body guy if he fitted the end caps and trunk lid when he installed the quarters. He had the end caps and trunk lid, I just don't know if he fitted them or not. I'm thinking not or else he should have caught this problem.

The problem is the quarters .they are to high at that top outside point .I believe the whole outer area of the quarter is to high . the inner point that meets the trunk lid may be a bit low .it will have to be cut loose at the end cap area,where the outer skin overlaps the end of the quarter ,all the way down to the lower part of the quarter and the lower part of the quarter as well as across the bottom, And the quarter pushed down until the end cap and trunk lid fits properly.the tail panel appears to be positioned correctly . the end caps and trunk lid should always be fitted with quarters ,even if the end caps and trunk lid are fiberglass.
looking at the last pic with the end caps off it looks like the driver side is worse than the pass. side. the tail panel can be bumped back enough to close that gap.
Thanks for the replies guys. Good info. Car is going to be sand blasted hopefully next week and then sprayed with a primer sealer coat. Goes back to the body shop afterward, hopefully I can work out some sort of deal with my body guy since he kinda screwed up. Sounds like somewhat of an extensive fix. Out of my capabilities though.
what i always do is make sure the end cap lines up with the quarter first ,before the quarter is put on the car . Dynacorn doesn't always get them correct when they spot weld in the end piece .it is easier to fix this way ,if it should need it.
I am wondering if the doors were on the car when the quarter were put on? if not you will find some problems there as well.
Too late now, haha. Doors were fit with the fenders and quarters. Body guy had to do a little welding to fill in a slight gap between the door and the quarter and that's really it. Seems like everything came out very well except for the quarter extension issue.
So it looks like I am not the only guy to have this issue. Just curious but has any considered tailoring (i.e. adding material) to the extensions to get the proper fit? Only reason I ask is that it would appear to be easier than cutting and refitting. Also interested in knowing opinions about permanently affixing the extensions in order to eliminate the seam.
The end caps are pot metal so welding would be very hard to do ,The best way is to fit the end caps to the quarter before it is welded on . You may have to remove the end piece in the quarter and re weld it in place to make it fit the end cap ,only the 67 -68 is welded in when you get the quarter and they are usually the ones that do not fit .65 -66 is not welded in place so they are easy to fit .