questions on big valve head


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Apr 22, 2002
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well things have really perked up lately for me and it looks like its all gonna work out good. I got a new job at a machine shop and in two months time he has bought me a car lift and set me up to do my own thing and is willing to teach me anyhing that i want to know as far as machine work goes words dont describe how lucky i feel anyways to tha point

i was told that i have access to whatever i want all i have to do is get the parts at our cost sooooooooo what do i do to my head???? i was thinking about a boport 1.5 or a 1.9 cam kit ( or something else ford motorsport, crower,comp,crane( i think they are outta buisness) whatever) or do i put some big valves in it with the stock roller cam or do i do both cam and big valves????????????

what size valves do i go for???? i already have a freshened up bottom end (polished crank, hone , new rings , bearings, arp rod bolts etc) any input is appreciated if it was your head what would you do???? thanks

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As far as valves go I am unsure of a good size. I am running a Boport 1.9 and love it, although it is significantly softer on the bottom end, if you go the boport route make sure you get the kit that comes with the hla's and the springs. If your in a machine shop port the head and intake yourself, or if your not sure of your abilities Boports heads are excellent as well. I have a video in the exhaust clip section and you can hear how it sounds...
If you're not going to port the head, or have it ported, big valves are a waste of money. Far a nice responsive street motor, stock size valves (backcut for better flow) and a good port job will produce great results without killing the bottom end power.
If you're currently running a ranger roller cam, put something else in it. The only reason I went with one was because my stock slider cam was getting pretty wore. It actually ran stronger with the stock cam, and I almost wish I'd just replaced it with another stock slider.
i thought the same thing

i thought the same thing with the cam swap and i swaped mine for the same reason, i wiped out #4 exhaust lobe. And like you i thought it ran better with the slider cam in it. I plan on fully disassembling the head and porting. I know for a fact im gonna do that because its basically free i just gotta do it. Im still looking up on the cams ill probably go with a boport 1.5 or 1.9. I wanted to do the valve job with oversized valves(1.89 on the intake and 1.60 on the exhaust), three angle job on em ,, and port the head and run it with the stock cam and get an idea of how much you can get with a stock cam( and i gotta pay a lil for bo's cam lol the other stuff is basically free i just have to get the parts)

another thought what about taking a lil bit off the head maybe raise the compression to 9.5:1 or so give it a lil more throttle response wouldnt it i figured a honda guy is running 10.5:1 or so and makes more power on 6 lbs of boost than i make on 12 lbs of boost with 8:1 or what ever it is stock

just a thought any input is appreciated

I really like the 2.3, but the heads aren't the best. The honda guys are making more power on less boost because the honda head is way more effecient than ours. They're also aluminum. Keep the compression at 8.5:1 max, or you'll just turn the engine into a hand grenade. Get the head to flow better, get a header, or at least an aftermarket log manifold. Pay attention to the exhaust side of the head. You can really enlarge the exit side and blend it into the bowl/throat area. You'll find most of your gains here.