Fox Questions on stock suspension rebuild.


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Sep 25, 2019
Hello gents, good afternoon.

I'm working on a list to rebuild the front and rear suspension on my 87GT convertible (stock)

I'm going to use energy suspension engine and trans mounts. replace the upper strut mount bushings, sway bar frame mount bushings and end links, Ford racing stamped steel lower control arms, all new spring isolaters, etc.

I'm considering this kit from lmr.

Any thoughts on it? Seems reasonable and good for what I'm after. Probably going with BBK upper and lower rear control arms and new rear axle bushings for the upper control arms. I bought the MM tool for those.

Also new quad shocks. but I'll get those locally. (Thanks for the tip on the steering stabilizer part number, it's much cheaper than what lmr has them for.

Anything else I should consider for a stock suspension rebuild? Any tips for changing the front springs? I have a compressor.

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Nope, looks good. You shouldn't even need the quad shocks with the BBK control arms.

I don't think there is a good way to put a factory height stock front spring in. There is a special tool that goes down from the top hole and pulls the spring up to compress it. A traditional spring compressor that holds from the outside will not fit inside the well. There is an internal spring compressor that might work. I think it's a free rental tool at Autozone. I have used that on other cars in the past. It's kind of a fishing game. Once you have everything assembled, you take it apart inside the spring, and fish all 3 parts through the hole in the bottom of the control arm to get it out. For what it's worth, you can put lowering springs in without a compressor.

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Excellent. Thanks for the help, I appreciate it. It's been awhile since I've had the front end apart on one of these cars, so I forgot how exactly I went about it 20+ yrs ago. Haha...

Figured I'd order as much as I can from LMR, that kit, FRPP front lower control arms, the spring insulators, sway bar mounts and end links, rear control arms, bushings, etc.

I'm going to work on a detailed list this week and then start hurting my credit card..Haha. I've been saving up since I bought this car a year ago (April already) so it shouldn't be too bad :nice:
I would consider new stock uppers and a MM lower arm. My vert' already had all the suspension parts replaced when I got it. It's the best handling Mustang I've ever owned.

Sounds like he wants a factory ride. It does bring up a good point though. The lower control arms in the back tend to sag when the bushings get old.

want a nice stockish ride with a little better response ?
Rear- stock LCA with new poly bushings and new stock UCA. replace the stock rubber upper control arm bushings with new rubber ones. the MM tool makes this easy to press them out and in.
Front- new poly sway bar and end link bushings . replace the stock rubber control arm bushings with new poly bushings and new Moog ball joints. New poly rack bushings

For shocks and struts- KYB or Gabriel are good OEM replacements, with new poly spring isolators. Most likely your 30 year old springs are sagging so get a set of replacement ones. The Max Motorsport tool makes is a breeze to install the springs.

Rock Auto is hard to beat on OEM replacement part prices

I would highly recommend installing a set of MM full length subframe connectors. That will make a world of difference in stiffening up the car- it will not make it ride harsher but do away with most of the body flex and rattles.
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