Quick fog light question

I'm about to pull the trigger on these: Chrome Mustang Fog Lights (96-98) at AmericanMuscle.com - Free Shipping!

I was wondering if they would fit our 94s. I don't see why not (unless there was a slight change with the 96 models). Called american muscle just to make sure, and the dude said they wouldn't. I know he's wrong, but just wanted to double check.

Also, would I be able to use the same existing stock brackets.

(btw tried doing a search, and no luck)

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I'd guess that they will work, but that is all it is - a guess.

That being said, if the '99-04 ones work, I have a hard time seeing how '96-'98 ones wouldn't. I mean I know that domestic automakers are not necessarily known as bastions of efficiency, but I just can't see them coming out with a new fog light for two years and then reverting back to an old one. It just doesn't make any sense to me.
Definately fit '95's. I just got a pair, sealed them up, and I just took out the two screws from beneath the originals. Pulled out the old ones, put in the new ones-literally a 5 minute job!:nice:
They put out so much more light. I'm using Silverstar bulbs.