quick help with 5 lug conversion...please


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Nov 15, 1999
Chicago, IL
i have no time, or id do a search...but whats the deal with using 96 spindles for the conversion on my 89? who has done it? what problems occur? ive heard that they will poke the wheels out about 8mm and will prevent the using of 17x9s. please give me any feedback. thanks
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You are correct. 96-04 spindles poke the wheels out 8mm more each side. 94-95 spindles keep the front track "near stock". They aren't exactly stock offset, maybe a few mm more than stock fox offset despite what everyone says. The 96-later spindles are 8mm wider than 94-95 spindles.

If you want 17x9's try to find some 94-95 spindles and run a fox-offset rear setup (5-lug drum or disk using North Racecars bracket kits)