quick horsepower estimate?


New Member
Jul 7, 2004
hey everyone im new to this forum, im in the process of completing my 96 GT project and i was wondering if anyone could give me a rwhp estimate on about what i can expect?

i have dyno'd it before, it pulled 273hp and 325tq running 10lbs of boost on an SQ trim Vortech supercharger with full length headers and an offroad exhaust, but it is the wrong supercharger for the gt, it is for the cobra, so here is what ive changed since that pull,

i got the PI heads, cams(stock 98+) and intake, plus i swapped my supercharger for an S trim which will be running 13 lbs of boost, i just wanted some opinions on how much power i can expect. thanks in advance

p.s will it hurt my motor running 13lbs of boost on stock internals without an aftercooler?
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