Radiator Cooling Fan is running


New Member
Nov 10, 2018
Daytona Beach,FL
I have a stock 2003 GT with the electric cooling, I started about 2 weeks ago, I was playing the radio for 40 minutes and the battery went dead, so when I would have to wait for brother in law to get of work, I'd just idle the car so battery won't discharge, car always kicks over since with no problems, about 3 days ago I hear the cooling fan running when I parked the car at night, it would go off in about 5-10 mins., I live in FL, temps were about high 70's with high humidity. So I'd just unplug the fan to shut it down instead of letting it run.
Yesterday I went to my local O'Reilly's to see if it is showing anything on the scanner, they found the Vapor Canister purge Valve my have an issue, nothing with the fan, all this time it was running with the car off, til the tech turned the ignition on, the cooling fan shut off, so now when I shut the car down, I just listen for the fan, if it is running, I turn the ignition on and it goes off. I notice the temp gauge is reading normal, in the middle, I felt the hoses under the hood, they are not overly hot to the touch, no check engine light, antifreeze may have been a little low but it was in the over flow tank while cold. I am stumped, this is new, never heard my fan run as loud as it is running now when car is shut off. does anybody know whay maybe going on?
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