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Nov 14, 2006
Tempe, Arizona
i got a question i am putting a new sterio system for my car and i was woundering what would be better for the front would two three and a half inch speakers work in the front dash area or would they not even be worth it? my dad seemed to believe that these two areas on the sides of the original speaker where for the defroster but there is nothing there now so i was woudnering if thoes speakers would fit and sound good
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I've seen people put speakers in there under the dash but having them too close to each other will not create a good sterio sound stage. The speakers being spread appart more, such as at the kick pannels, creates a better sound stage and a less mono sounding setup. I don't know if it will cause the setup to sound more like a mono setup but I know for sure it would be better to spread them out more.
I have two 3" speakers in the dash along with two in the kickpanels. When the volume on the kickpanels are turned down, the dash speaker sound horrible. Probably due to the fact that they are too close to each other. When i add the kickpanel speakers and turn down the dash speakers, it sounds good. The dash speakers add a little something to the sound stage, but i leave the volume on them down.