Randall Rack + pro-motorsport kit = tie rod issue

Hi guys,

I have a Randall rack on my 65 (installed a few years ago), and until now I've been rather happy with it.
Apart from the turning radius crapola

So I got myself the Pro-motorsport bump steer kit, which from what I read left right and center gives you a better turning radius.
It's now installed, but... I can't do a left turn, I mean a standard left turn into a street ends up in a 3 points turn :eek:

The driver side sleeve that connects the outer rod to the inner rod is hitting the craddle on a full lock to the left.
On a full lock to the right, the passenger inner rod is hitting the cradle.

I've found this post from 66Runt
in regards to the tie rod sleeves mine are straight. This did necessitate beveling the trailing edge of the cross brace starting about 3.5" in from the end on each side. Otherwise the tie rods would have hit at full lock with the suspension fully extended. Like coming out of a tight corner hard on the gas (think auto-x). Not cutting back the cross brace would have limited the turning radius in this condition.

I too have the straight sleeves.
Do I need the bent sleeves? Or do I really need to grind/cut the cradle?
or is there another solution.

thanks for the help guys, much appreciated.
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I have the randall's rack and pro motorsports bumpsteer kit on the wife's 68, but unfortunatly havent't driven the car with them yet due to me "not gettin my ass in gear and gitten it done"! Those are the wife's words, not mine. I have however moved the steering full lock each way with the chassis at all different heights and there does not seem to be any interference at all. I do have the bent sleeves however so that could be your problem.

thanks for the reply, I called Randall yesterday and he said:
with the pro-motorsport bummpsteer kit, you need to use the bent sleeves as the kit moves the rods 1 inch forward.

How ironic, I get the bumpsteer kit that suppose to increase the turning radius and I can't even make a left turn.... hahahaha