Rank in order of loudness


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Aug 17, 2001
Which ones the loudest, which the softest? Rank only the ones you've heard in person....just leave out the ones you haven't.

Paxton Novi 2000
Vortech S-Trim
ATI Procharger PSC-1 (I think that's right)
Kenne Bell 9psi/intercooled

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Def the procharger at IDLE
then the NOVI 2000
then the Vortech S trim assuming your getting the SQ verison. If not then i would say the novi2000 and s trim tie.
then the kenne bell..

These are all at idle....

if its at WOT, then probably the kenne bell, b/c it will have that whine of a ROOTS blower..
but if i were to get a blower for a GT as of today id go Kenne bell :nice:


Oh BTW its Procharger P1SC, and if your comparing the novi2000, you might as weel get the Procharger D1SC invovled. :p You can run a minimum of 10lbs off the D1, with the 3.90 pulley
Crazeestang said if its at WOT, then probably the kenne bell, b/c it will have that whine of a ROOTS blower...

Can somebody else confirm this because noise is an issue for me. If I'm shelling out this kind of cash I at least want to hear it and let others know I got something to. Quite at idle doesn't bother me, but if it's too quite all around then that will. I realize Kenne Belle is hot now, but as I said I REALLY WANT at least some kind of obvious whine.

99SilverGT said:
Kennebell is definately the loudest at WOT. Just search for videos with any sort of roots/twinscrew type blower. They are a little bit different sounding, but you'll definately get the idea.

They scream at wot.

I have a P1SC and my roommate has a KB on his 03, the procharger is DEFINETLY louder at idle or just cruising around.
The roots has a nice whine at WOT where the P1SC sounds like a loud whistle.
thanks for all the responses guys...

I'm pretty much sold on the Kenne Belle considering the fact on how efficient they are and I just LOVE the bottom end power on the 5.0s. I plan to run BFG Drag Radials anyhow when she's at the track (as well as heavy street use too) so traction I don't think is a concern to me. I'de rather have traction problems then without anyway to be honest. It's a sign of raw power.

About the whine, this is what I want... I like the whine that oldschool Roots style blowers that you generally see on older cars put out. For some reason, I'm not too fond of the whistling that ATI and Vortech has. It sounds "cheap" to me. and believe me, I MEAN NO OFFENSE TO ATI OR VORTECH OWNEERS. All I'm saying is from what I have personally heard with them, I'de rather hear a loud, clean exhaust note. The Kenne Belle is the hot ticket but if it's absolutely quite then it simply won't be an option either.

Can someone tell me if the whine of the Kenne Belle resembles a true Roots blower, such as a Weiand? Obviously it's not going to be as loud since it doesn't stick out of the hood but is it that same tone? If so.... then I'm sold with no questions asked.

edited: i forgot to mention I'm talking about WOT... :D

Again, thanks for your replys.
thanks for the vid Hardcorestang13!

I was having problems earlier with my media player, but I'm finally able to see it. Holy crap! That more than meets my expectations. This is definately what I wanted to hear. I guess I should have watched the vid before posting a reply.

You mentioned that it was taken on a Cobra and said the GT should sound similar. I hope by that you don't mean any quieter. When I get the Kenne Belle I can tell you now I'll be going with the 9lb with intercooler, immediately followed by a dyno tune. Knowing that...I'm hoping it will sound very similar to the one in the vid.

I'm very unimpressed about my v-2sq I love it but it lacks in the sound department. It's noisy till 2g's then it quiets down. I expected it and it is the sq so I guess its my fault. I wish there was a way to make it louder. I will run all new piping in the winter and a dif. maf so i can put a BOV on it.