Rant and Also Need Some Help

Well today I went to class and parked my car (one of my dads G35s while I am fixing my car) in the parking deck. When I parked my car no one was on either side of me. When I came out I had a key mark that started by my passenger headlight and went for about two feet. When I got to the trunk there was key mark that went across the top of the trunklid and then there was a small on on the driver side quarter panel. I took notice of the car that was parked next to me and took down the license plate. If I see the kid that is driving that car and he looks like he could have done it, Im going to **** his car up so ****ing bad.

Now my question is how would I possibly be able to get these marks out? Here are some pictures.



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that sucks.could try the infiniti dealer for some touch up paint.those scratches are obviously intentional.why would some guy who parked next to you do that?have you pissed anyone off lately?either way,i'm sorry that happened to you.good luck on fixing that.
if your finger nail gets caught up when running it across the scratch, you won't be able to buff it out. that means that it scratch through clear, and into the paint color. if it doesn't you might of lucked out.

i would go to the security office and see if they have a camera in the area were you where parked. you might get lucky with some video. i would think with all of the bomb threats @ Montclair U there would be cameras every where.
i'd say try buff as much as you can out. your always going to see it, cause you know its there. but to someone who hasn't seen it before, it may not catch their eye right away.

i hate when people mess with other peoples' cars.

the most i've done is just rubber banded a rubber glove to someones exhaust tip. and he was there when i did it.
well the way the parking deck is, is that there is a wall in front of the car so someone would have deliberately walked up the passenger side of my car and scratched by the headlight then walked to the back and scratched across the whole trunk lid and then put a final scratch next to the taillight. the only reason why I think it is the person that parked next to me is because it would have been the same exact route they would have walked to leave the parking deck.