Rats nest of wires. Can you help identify?

I dropped the motor and trans back in my 91 Project car. (www.myspace.com/projectlowbudget) and I'm down to the rats nest of wires under the hood.

I know the general area in which they're installed, but not exactly where they go. Here are a few pictures. If you guys can help me figure out where they go, that'd be great.

Thanks in advance guys. :)

First up is these wires found on the driver side of the car.

I have to assume most of them hook up to the this, but I can't remember which go to what side. The stuff that's on there is only bolted down to keep it out of the way. I'm not sure if even that is right.


Here's a wider angle view of the entire area. (No, i have no idea what the black stuff is all over everything. You can't even scrape it off.)


Next is this connector. Could this be for the smog pump, maybe? (No smog pump)

Then, there's this vacuum tree. I have no idea what this all hooks to.


Lastly, what the hell is this thing?

Thanks in advance guys. I'm in the home stretch. I'm pretty close to having it up and running again. :)

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Holy ****, I hate being where you are, ha. First check out this site http://www.veryuseful.com/mustang/tech/engine/

That'll have all of your vacuum tree and wiring diagrams in good color, very helpful.

Most of the first picture looks like it goes to the solinoid, on the controlled side and one might be the body ground though I doubt it (follow it and see where the other end goes) but I cant see it very well.

The tree you're looking at is for the egr controls from what I remember, the bottom thing,...hhmm.. cant remember, check valve for something emissions I think (helpful aren't I?) Some of the vacuum stuff also goes to the thermactor system iirc and you can get rid of some of those relays in the passenger fender behind the strut tower if you got rid of your egr, if not, have fun with that crap. Sorry not trying to be negative, that area is just a pita.

Looks good so far, hopefully (surely) that site will help you more than I just did, ha.

Also the big one on the top looks like the wire that runs to the starter, that one should be on the controlled side of the solenoid, first wire down. If its not that one (again cant see what all you have on the solenoid already) it looks like the other end of the neg cable *shrug*

If you don't have any more replies and/or you don't figure it out before I get off work I'll go out and look at my solenoid and tell you exactly which is what, so far as the vacuum stuff goes I don't have any of it on my car so I'm not much help there, I deleted that over a year ago...

Hard to see when you're not there you know what I mean?

Well the one by the alternator goes to the alt, it has two black/orange wires and one white/black wire?

Everything else I rewired and I got rid of that vacuum connector, so I cant remember how it goes stockwise.

I think the check valve is for the hvac?

All of the wires on the solenoid went to the power side (with the pos battery cable), except for the starter power wire is on the other post. But dont quote me on that, I rewired mine for the mini starter. Or some of the 4g black wires could be the body ground, its hard to see.

If I was there I could hook you up in five mins.:shrug:
Last two are smog pump related. Has the pump and related plumbing on the side of the motor been removed?

The one near the alt actually plugs into the alt. There should b two plugs on the 2G alt. That looks like the power plug too. If that was disconnnected, how was the car running??

As for the starter solenoid, all the wires go on one side EXCEPT for the larger wire that runs to the starter. That gets isolated to the other side. When power is sent to the small lug in the middle, the gap is briged and main power is sent to the starter.

As for the loose wires, the two #10's look like the wires that ran to the alt power plug. The other wire looks like the neg cable off the battery??? If so, there is a lug on the bottom passenger side of the motor that it needs to connect to.

Was this car running? From the looks of things...it wasn't.
Last two are smog pump related. Has the pump and related plumbing on the side of the motor been removed?

Was this car running? From the looks of things...it wasn't.

Thanks, again, for all the help. :nice:

To answer your question, no. The car was not running and the smog pump was deleted after it seized for the second time.)

I actually got this car for free, along with a LOT of the parts to put it together. (not everything came from the same person. It was donations from random Mustang enthusiasts that made this all happen.

You can see a write up on the car here: www.myspace.com/projectlowbudget

My plan is to put it together, get it painted (Nothing fancy, jus something nice) and do one of two things:

1. Sell the car and donate the money to www.ttof.org. (Twin Towers Orphans Fund)

2. Just give the car to one of the kids through that charity who lost a loved one during 9/11.

So far, it's been a GREAT project. You wouldn't believe how many people have been willing to give up stuff that's both helpful and valuable. A lot has been free and even more of it has been CHEAP!

For example, I picked up a set of GT40 Irons, a Cobra upper/lower, an E cam, and a set of Hooker Shorties all for 305 bucks. In fact, someone sold me a running 91 GT for 300 bucks. I stripped that car for a LOT of the parts that ended up on this car. (the motor, wire harness, and computer, for example, are out of that car.)

Here's the donor car. Not bad for 300 bucks, right?

If I have 1200-1300 bucks out of my own pocket in the whole car, that would be a lot. :)

Now I'm in the home stretch, so hopefully I can get it running in the next week or so. :)

Here's what the car looked like a few days ago:




And the tranny was filled with water, at some point. (bad radiator, I'm sure.)

And here's the inside. (it needs love and a good vacuuming.) :D


Anyway, now that I'm WAYYY off track, I'll stop. Once the sun comes up I'll get back on top of those wires.

Thanks again guys,