Real 1/4 mile run vs. Dyno 1/4 mile run

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His was a mustang dyno where he would enter in my car weight to help it be more accurate.

FYI. My car has a blower cam and has only 9.2:1 compression in preparation for a blower down the road.
damn man, i was expecting the dyno run to be quicker than the real run, but s#it, id be happy with the slower time haha. your in california? i saw it said sac raceway. where did you dyno? im in san jose and looking for a good shop to dyno a few cars
Also to note after watching both vids...

The dyno run was on radials with no launch, but the track pass was on slicks or some type of track tire with a decent launch. I wonder how a street tire track pass, and a slick dyno pass would show for the car!
luckythirteen13 said:
how much hp did you dyno while you were there?