Rear Axle and Stock Fan/Shroud help w/ 351w


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Apr 5, 2019
hello folks- Couple of quick questions that maybe someone in here has had some experience with..

1) Im being told that my 5 lug rear axles were pulled from a ranger. If i want to convert the Drums to Disc - is there anything different/special that i need to get this done? Will an SN95 rear conversion kit work - obviously i dont want to replace my Axles if i dont have to. Looking for guidance to get this done as inexpensively as possible without it being a total hack job. Thinking of something like this.. Then all the rest of the gear..

2) My car has a 351w, previous owner put an electric fan in it. Im of the mindset that i'd rather it be simple (Mechanical) vs difficult (Electrical wiring everywhere).. That said, i'd rather have the Stock fan, shroud etc.. The car also has a larger 3row Radiator - will i have any fitment issues - previous owner says the stock fan wouldnt fit - Is that true?

Thanks everyone.
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