Rear drum brakes don't seem to be working. What did I do wrong?


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Apr 26, 2005
Dallas, TX
I took my drums up to have em machined, and I got new shoes.

Reassembled everything as before. I took photos so I could reassemble every piece as it was. 1st thing I noticed is I couldn't get the drum on over the new shoes. I turned the adjuster screw all the way so the shoes would get closer together.

I was able to get the drum on. and I put the wheel on. I did this process to both rear wheels.

Now, the emergency brake has no affect, and the pedal is going to the floor before stopping. I think the front brakes are doing all of the work. It is though the rear brakes are doing nothing.

what do I need to look for?
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the problem is that they still need to be adjusted

the problem is that they still need to be adjusted, because now with the adjusters.........adjusted down when you pull the e-brake or push the brakes down the shoes are still not makeing contact with the drum adjust them by the removing the rubber plugs in the backing plate and useing either a brake tool or a flat tip screw driver with the wheel on and off the ground spin the wheel slowly as u adust untill it starts making contact
Think I figured out the soft pedal issue. Air in the line. I never opened the drain plug so I didn't bleed them.

I just went out and bled the brake system, and now I am stopping like before.

I will try the back up and brake to adjust. and adjust that switch to get the e brake back.

Thanks for the tips.