rear end noise ?

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Sounds like clutch packs. Bearings would howl at high speeds and on deceleration. When turning, the clutches are directly involved with allowing one wheel to turn faster than the other. Sounds like it's time to upgrade to the Cobra carbon fiber clutch packs!!
Honestly, internal rear end repairs should be done by a professional. There are special tools needed and where the tools are not needed experience is required. here is a link to a good write up about the rebuild:
This is the whole rear end but the clutch packs are in there too. Also parts number from Ford.
I just noticed you are also in RI. Karl's East Coast Speed is a great Mustang shop here in Warwick. 737-7932 is there number. They currently have the fastest street legal 07 Shelby Cobra in the world. They have done a lot of work for me and I highly recommend them.