Rear end noise


New Member
May 16, 2021
I don’t see another post similar to mine, but my 98 gt started making this noise on the rear end. Comes and goes, I would be driving the car then randomly hear like a spinning bearing noise. Noise started little bit after dropping it with some H&R lowering springs. I changed the rear upper control arms with some LMR ones, also did the rear lowers, but the noise still continues. Could it be the rear quad shocks? Or maybe I need to re tighten the rear shocks since I dropped it? Any help would be appreciated thanks.
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Is the bearing noise in straight line or in corner? If corner, I'd suspect the axel bearings. Also check for oil leak on diff. If oil is low that could be problematic. Check for oil around the driveshaft U joint bearing on the diff. I have bearing noise in mine and I'm leaning towards that bearing as problematic since I see some signs of oil leaking out. The axel bearings are notorious is these old mustangs for going bad. I'm afraid to check the diff in mine, cause replacing the axel bearings needs room (to pull out axel shafts) and special equipment and sometimes mean replacing the axel shafts.