REAR END!!!!!!


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Apr 10, 2008
b'ham, AL
Two days ago after a burnout a humming noise started coming from my rear end and now i have slack on both my axles probably a 1/4 of a inch and im wondering whats is goin on and am i screwed or what need help
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okay i checked again a measured exact the passenger side has and 1/8 of a inch slack and the driver side is tight, on level ground i can shake the back of the car and i have a slight nock coming from the driver side tire were it looks like the caliper and the rotor have slack inbetween cant really tell and the car feels like the rear has a slight wabble in it but i cant tell exactly and the humming which sounds exactly like tire noise persist but only when on the gas if i let off it stops please help i dont want to drive it and make it worse
The humming noise when you get on the gas sounds like it could be a bearing or possibly even a u-joint. A u-joint would be told by if you put the car in reverse, and when you first back-up, it feels like the drivetrain 'pops' loose from being binded up.

A bearing bad in the rear-end would be best solved by a rear-end rebuild kit. And if you haven't already, might as well do gears at the same time.

My car is making a similar noise, and I am wondering if I could be 'low' on fluid in the rear-end:shrug: But, since my piston rings are bad, I am not too worried about it:nonono: Just my 0.02
Depending on the mileage and condition of the car, it may have been one of those 'bound to happen sooner or later' things.

I would say get it fixed as soon as you can. If you have to drive the car, just do so in a civilized manor. No more burnouts :D
I have the same noise but mine is probably because richmond gears. if you replaced the u-joints already it might be the wheel bearings. Not the gear bearings. If you hear the "humming" noise it is time to change that axle bearings ASAP. I do too. LOL :)