Rear quarter marker lights.


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Jan 25, 2020
Was trying to get the rear marker lights off so I can black them out. Useless lights anyhow. But had to fire up the computer and do a search to even figure out how to get the stupid things off. LOL!!

I think with the black out tape I put on them, the lights will likely show through just a little teeny bit. For the front, for now, I'm just going to black out the reflector portion of them. Will order new and proper parts once this beer virus stops farking around with world order.
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Nov 29, 1999
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I bought clear markers and installed red LED panels, with clear silicone gooped on them to diffuse the light (I later got my hand on some diffuser material so if I ever redo them I will use it next time), and put tint on it. Looks half decent that way, and still has some kind of a marker light there.


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Jan 25, 2020
I used black out tape for now. Covered almost the entire thing but that little diagonal strip in the middle where the bulbs are. Drove it out at night, looks real good. I am eventually going to go with smoked front corners and the rear marker lights. But I don't want to order anything til this damn beer virus is gone. I didn't see any delivery vehicles out today. That's unusual, here there is no stay at home order in effect.

I also used black out tape on the front where the reflectors are, and a bit of the inner end of the signals themselves. Just left a little amber for signals. My passenger side front is full of moisture anyways. Don't know how that happened. So blacked out all but about three inches, looks pretty decent to my eyes.

So on the rears, there's like a two inch long, 1/2 inch wide rectangle with slanted ends that lights up. Looks pretty cool. I like it. I might be half tempted to leave it this way. Always happy to have something I can say, I did that. Put the front spoiler on, put the louvers on, the intake, the coils, the wires, the strut tower brace. Car's shaping up nice.


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Jan 25, 2020
I keep it garaged. Haven't driven it in the rain yet. Haven't washed it even, since it's mainly just dust, and a California Car Duster takes care of that. And the bugs on the front, a warm wet rag and a dry micro fibre cloth take care of them. So how did the right front signal get so much moisture in it? Weird!
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