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Jan 7, 2007
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Sorry in advance as this is a bit long.
I am thinking of tubing the rear of my 66 coupe to gain about 3-4 inches. I would love to fit 10 inches back there possibly even 12. Moving the frame rails isnt an issue. I was thinking i would pick up a "universal" Triangulated 4 Link since the LCA's have to go on the inside of the rails and i have yet to see a kit that does this. (I was thinking of modifying TCP's G-bar but realized i would be doing as much work if not more as a universal and paying $800+ more for it) My first questiong is; what are some good companies with "universal" Triangulated 4 Link. My second question is about the joints, I know heim joints are better then urethane, but i have heard these are loud and clanky as they move around. While i am building this car for performance i will also be driving this car on the street and don't want people to hear "clickity clankity bang" as i drive past them, just curious if this is true. Another thing I noticed is that as i move the frame and control arms and such inward I am making less and less room for the exhaust. I would like to keep the exhaust coming out the rear as i had a special plan for it, but not sure if I will have room between everything else. Has anyone ever seen exhaust go UNDER the rear axle? I would be a bit leary to do this as if I hit a bump this will be the first thing to hit, but im not sure about the room. :bang:
Any other ideas, tips, suggestions, or thoughts would always be apreciated :D Sorry again for the long thread.

PS i am building this car for the curves, I've had straightline cars and found that I enjoyed corners more. Just more food for thought.
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PS i am building this car for the curves, I've had straightline cars and found that I enjoyed corners more.

I am confused like why do you need to tub it then? What motor combination are you planning on running on this car? If tub out the back and put a 12 inch rim on the back you are still limited in the front a max of an 8 inch rim and a 245ish tire. Sounds like you will be building a very unbalanced combination.
I said 10-12's. I figured I would keep 10's on for street and track use. Then if I ever went to the strip i could throw some 12's on and get the straight line traction :D It's just nice to have options out there. Plus i like having room around my tires as I've lost more then my fair share of tires due to sidewall rubbing. As for the motor I figured i would put the 289 Back in it. It's pushing 370 and still needs heads. I have 65 Hi-po heads but would like some aluminum ones for more flo and less weight. Then maybe sell these to someone who would appreciate them for what they are. Aftermarket,Original, Reproduction, These are words that mean nothing to me. (I'm not the type of person who brags about the original pieces and rare pieces on his car, I like to brag about the Custom work I've done that sets me apart)
If the car is low, no one will know how the exhaust is run. I have had under the axle tail pipes before and liked it. It had an H-pipe up front and another pipe towards the rear connecting both sides. Remove it from the collector and 2 hangers in the rear and slide it out in one piece.