rear suspension nightmares! help if you can...

i have a 1997 mustang (modified 3.8L/5sp) that i recently swapped out my 7.5" for an 8.8". i installed new shocks when i installed the rear. the car rode like a sherman tank. the gabriel ultra shocks i put on were the roughest ride id ever had.

(car has original v6 springs too)

so, thinking that i needed the axle dampers (quad shocks) to soften the ride, i installed a pair of brackets from a 95 GT and then i bolted up a new pair of quad shocks and it raised the rear of the car about four inches. they seem to be bottomed out upon installation and i had to jack the car up and lower the rear a lot in order to get them on.

it rides like crap and it blew the river side gabriel shock. im now running sach sport touring shocks in the rear and its still all jacked up.

if the quad shocks are correct, which they are, and the brackets are correct, which they are, and everything is new..... why does the car sit high and ride rough.

my 275/40/17 rear tires look like donuts with the 6 1/2" gap between them and the fenders.

I dont know what to do to remedy this. everything is installed per chiltons, haynes, and ford perfectly.


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