Rear tire size clearance question.

I'm considering buying 275/40/17 Nitto D/R's for my car instead on the 245/45/17, but was questioning if I will have clearance issues. I hear some people say yes, so say no. So I'm just looking to see what people's experiences are. Only thing that concerns me is my car is riding on 4cyl springs, because it was a 4cyl at one time.

Side note, I was running 26x10" Hoosier slicks with minor rubbing, but solved that by rolling the fender lips. I also have aftermarket control arms so removing the quad shocks for clearance an option.

Thanks in advance, Craig.
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Apr 7, 2004
Columbus, Ohio
you'll be fine....those nittos run quite small....many many people run bigger tires on 8" rims all the time. I put some 275s on an 8" rims and the site said to use a 9.5" rim

worst case is you'll have to flip the quad shocks so that the small side is near the tire...

also, i had some rather bald 275s all the way around on my tri-bars before i got new tires...i could steer and everything quad flipping, or rolling the fenders with the car lowered..


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Nov 2, 2004
Fitment is going to depend on the offset of the rims. The 275/40/17s will fit on your rim just fine, but where and if they rub is all up to the rims.

I have no problems with mine rubbing the fenders, but I have stock drum axles, so the rims sit in closer to the quads...which are flipped and I have dumps, so I have no problems.


Sep 27, 2006
i have BFG 275/40/17's in the back, on 17x9 cobra's, on stock suspension. they rub the fender lips under (very!) HIGH speed dips on the highway, hard corners, or if i ever have passengers in the back (very rare) over even small bumps ....
i have aftermarket quads and had to cut the dust shields off also to make them fit....
just givin my experience. i think the rims will be the deciding factor though.