Regrind Q's

This is for the near future and I need some help. Could I get my P.I cams reground to what I want? I'm doing the P.I. swap and I figure i'd check out to see if i could save some money by getting them reground. The P.I. cams are from anderson motorsports. they only have 2,000 miles on them. the P.I. heads and cams will be on top of a stock 98GT motor. if they can be reground what would be a safe stage without PTV problems. would they springs hold up at 6,000 rpms? i haven't had my gears installed yet (4:10's cause it's automatic) in my stang yet. probably will in a month or so. i was thinking about a stage 1 n/a cams but i'd like to be efficient down the road when i add a 75 shot.

any sites to where they do regrinds or technical info would help. PM me or reply
thanks, jason
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