remove ignition tumbler?


Dec 19, 2003
fargo ND
it's been a while since ive been in the 5.0 section, but anyway i changed the steering colum on my 85 capri. and for the life of me i cant figure out how to change the tumbler without getting mean with it. it was my understanding that you put it in the run position and push in the pin at the side, but thats not working. or is it that i have to give it a whack or 2, or possibly take the assembly off the colum.

any advise would be much appreciated
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i have not done one on a Ford, but have done a few and they did not require brute force. do you have a new tumbler already? if so, push on the new one's pin and note how much pressure it takes. it should not be much.

bump for ya. good luck.
Put the key in the lock cylinder and turn it to the run position. Next you press the little pin or button (don't really recall what it was) and pull the lock cylinder out. I did not find any need to use force to remove the cylinder.