Removing Belt Trim/moulding/'05 Gt Conv


New Member
Jul 30, 2013
Hello all,
First post here. I have a 2005 GT (first Mustang ever) It came in silver with gray leather interior so wanted to spruce it up as it was a bit boring. First thing we did was ordered a Cervini concept hood and had it shipped to a local body shop where they installed it, painted it to match and painted wide black stripes front and back. On the back of the car, below the top there is a rubber moulding that joins two other pieces that wrap around the car to the door. I have searched through the online ford manual for over and hour and cannot find these or how to remove them. The body shop didn't, and taped it off and painted. Then when they block sanded and polished it, there is about 1/2" that they couldn't polish. I want to remove the strip, take it back and make them repaint it.
Also, are these strips supposed to be smooth black or roughly textured? Mine looks like sandpaper.
I have just done a bunch of upgrades on the car, new Robbins canvas top and headliner, new carpet and Katzkin seat upholstery and carbon fiber console top. Love the car! Thanks for reading and I appreciate any help with these trims. I might order new ones if I can get them off.
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