Removing Heat Extractors


New Member
Dec 23, 2002
Rio Rancho, NM
This one is for all you 03-04 Cobra guys. On our heat extractor hoods I had heard that you can remove the plastic piece on the bottom to give the hood better venting. If you lift the hood and look at the extractors you will see the restrictive piece I'm talking about. Does this actually help that much? Has anyone done this? Thanks guys.
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Don't know how much it helps yet, since I just did it yesterday, buy have heard it does. Basically i took out the vents, put the blanket back up and traced the access through the vent holes. Then cut and tucked the covers back in case I want to flip them back. Really easy to do and looks good also. Ran a bead of superglue around the cut to make sure it doesn't fray. Drove the car today and did seem to run a little cooler, but??