Removing smog equipment on 1966


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May 9, 2005
:shrug: With the car now in Ohio the smog equipment is not required. I am getting ready to detail the engine compartment and would like to remove it for appearance reasons. What should I use to close the holes in the head? Is there some kind of plug and what kind of metal should the plug be made of? Is there anything else I need to know before doing this?
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Thats correct CA equipment was an air pump, but more common on 3-4 speed cars.
Do your pipes go into the back of the head? Some blocks are threaded so a pipe plug will do...1/4" NPT i think?? If you have non threaded holes you can make a plate and block it off. But don't forget the gaskets. Vince
Do a search on it. There is alot of info. I did the other day and found several way to plug them from, sticking sparkplugs in there and breaking off the creamic to the thermactor plugs to cutting the ends off of the metal block that covers the holes in the heads and flipping them over. The last is what I did just because of the carbon build up and I have no thread cheaser to clean them out, plus my stock heads are temp.