Feb 22, 2006
How hard is it to remove the steering column from a 1991 GT. What is that cable alongside of the column on the right side? I also want to change the steering knuckle with a Flaming River Steering Joint and while I have the column out I might as well change it.

Has anyone put one of these on their car?

I'll put the pedal assembly back in while I have the column out. Looks alot easier to reinstall! Also will the neutral safety switch work with the stick set up now? I saw the wire harness under the dash for the switch, just wondering if it will work when I get it all back together.


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is the car a factory AOD? i think that cable may be for the aod stuff, where you cant start it except in N an park

and my NSS isnt plugged in at all. and the car starts fine, just dont have to push in the clutch if you dont want.
The cable, do you mean from the engine compartment, or from under the dash? If I recall, the hood latch cable runs next to the column under the dash.
The steering column is very easy to remove . I just got done doing my pedal swap . If you have the pedals out then your column is obviously unbolted , remove the 5 wiring connections plugged into the column and tie them off , remove the 2 bolts from the steering knuckle and just slide it out .

I see your car is a 91 , I'm pretty sure thats an airbag equipped steering wheel , BE VERY CAREFUL!! , do not put any part of yourself in front of the wheel when removing the column !

Good luck:nice:
Steering column removal

thanks for the reply. i am changing over from the AOD to the stick set up. I have the column unbolted but it is in the way to install the new pedal set up. There is a black cable on the right side of the column. It looks like it runs under the back of the console to the shifter. Probably for the neutral safety switch? I'LL be removing that also. Thanks for the tip!!
I just did my pedal swap 2 days ago and didnt remove the column , you can pull that sucker pretty far towards the shifter to get it out of the way , I even tied the wheel to the shifter handle to hold it there . Also on the other side of the dash underneath there is a small tubular metal bar that will swing down out of the way and give you more clearnace . I got my assembly up in there with very little maneuvering .

Good luck!!:nice:
Pedal swap completed!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the advice. I pulled the column over to the right and managed to get the pedal assembly up there and bolted in without removing the column.
Pedal swap complete!!!
The only question I have is how do I remove the NSS cable from the steering column? It looks like it is mounted right on top of the iginition switch and the cable runs down to the center console. I think it also might be the releasing cable to get the car out of park after you step on the brake. Not sure!! Did you remove this cable on your car?

Thanks for your help. Much appreciated:nice:

Theres just one screw that holds the cable about 4" down from the ignition switch. Remove that screw and then pop the spring steel clip off that holds the cylinder part of that cable to the column itself.