Repro hood hinges, radio antenna question


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Jan 31, 2006
the bushing in one of my hinges is about to tear out of the other peice of metal. I was wondering how well the reproduction hinges are? I cant justify 400+ dollars on billet hinges but I might consider it if the reproduction ones are horrible.

Also, where can I find the nuts/bolts to tight my radio antenna down?

I opened my door, can see the antenna cable going to the antenna, but there are no fasteners there. Dont even see a place for any nuts/bolts to go. How do I go about tightening this up before it falls off?
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thanks, I have a little trim ring around the base on mine that I couldnt get off cause I was too scared of breaking it, I finally just pryed it off and found some screws under there.
I have repro hinges from Mustangs Unlimited and they are fine. They were a little tight at first, but I used some 3 in 1 oil on them and worked them back and forth several times before installing them.

As far as the antenna goes, I wanted a stainless whip type like the newer cars instead of the mast type that is prone to breaking. I got one with an NOS rectangle base for a late 70s Granada off of Ebay. It works very well and I much prefer it to the stock antenna.