Electrical Rewiring Ignition coil..Opinions on 2 options?


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Jan 14, 2001
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Im just about finished wiring up my relay panel hidden underneath the front seat next to my Holley ecu. Im trying to figure out the best option for the ignition coil.

I have 2 options: a 10g output from the relay to a step down butt connector to factory TFI pig tail


A straight 16g wire from relay to a factory ford tech crimp connector into the TFI connector (no splice) The Ford tech connector that goes into the TFI plastic coil connector will not accept anything larger than 16g.

Which way is better? Is it too far of a run for a 16g wire? I know I'm overthinking this but I want it all clean and done right. I spent a lot of time building this panel using all Leash Electronics components (not from china!!)
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16 ga will work fine. If I remember correctly the factory wiring is 20 or 18 gauge and you are not adding much more than five feet or so of wiring to the circuit by the coming from under the seat vs the ignition switch.