Right blinked and right brake light wont work

But only on the back of the car. The side marker works. Fresh bulbs in the car. No sign of tampered with wires. But they just will not work. I noticed 2 little boxes (I am guessing relays) back there. Could those be bad? Oh and the park lights work. I cannot seem to figure out why the stuff ont he right doesnt work. Anyone have any suggestions?

BIG THANKS TO STANG NET........I got through my heater core install, door lock install, door handle install and speedo cable fix in the last couple of weeks with you guys help...just wanted to say thanks.

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When you get around to putting your test light across the light terminals, if the light doesnt illuminate, ascertain that you have ground (it being gone could be the issue).

If the test light doesnt illuminate: you can ground your test light and try probing the 12 volt feed. This will show if you have 12 volts reaching the light (be sure the parking lights are on). If the test light illuminates this way but not when the leads are across the light terminals, ohm-out the ground.

Good luck.