Right side rearend squeeks. What could it be??!

Since I installed LCA/springs/shocks a month ago.. I've been having this squeek syndrome. It mostly come from the passenger side rearend.

Today I decided that I would fix it. I've post about the problem before and found out that it "may" be that the lca and/or the uca is not tight enough. Well I lift the car up and tighten those. Then when I'm done I slowly lowered the car and noticed the same squeek. I tried to pinpoint where it was coming from and I think it's the springs. Any thought on this? If it's the spring that's causing the squeeking noise then what can I do?
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CottonBurnerz said:
Hmm well I tighten the upper shock bolts and tested it out.. still squeecks..

I'm thinking it's the LCA bushing or the spring.. I have isolators in and all the car only has 4800 miles.. Could spring squeeks? :shrug:
I had some decently warn isolaters when my MM LCA's were put in.. Do you have a polyurethane bushing on one side or spherical on both sides? asking cuz i hae spherical with a blue poly over one side.