Rim care help...


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Jun 8, 2002
new bern nc
I have the 18" "chrome" (actually polished) rims... whats is everyone using to clean/polish them? I thought I read they were clear coated so I have been careful to not use mothers chrome polish on them but rather use wheel safe cleaner to get the dirt/brake dust off and then used a little liquid wax but they are really getting to the point where they need a good cleaning and polishing... suggestions from you car show guys as I know you have a few tricks up your sleeves for those mirror like finishes that you can shave in!!:rolleyes:
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OEM wheels... the 5 blade non-fan style in 18" (reminds me of the old krager wheels)... I am getting a little pitting and the shine is lacking.

They are painted and coated, just use some wax to bring them to shine again. it takes a little bit of elbow grease, but they look nice after they are finished. I used to do this on my old ride. It makes cleaning brake dust easier too after you wax. :nice:
Treat them no different than you would the paint on your car - try and keep them clean and have a coat of wax every once and a while... never use abrasives, that WILL dull them quick (mess up the clear coat)
I use simple green to clean and then wax once in a while with some spray detailer to clean them up intermittently or just before shows. I agree though I have some swirls on mine, imagine I'll use some polish and tidy it up this spring.
Careful using simple green, that stuff is really potent. It might strip the coating off those wheels.

To start, I would just get some dish soap (with degreaser) and cut whatever crap is on the wheels off, then take some regular car wax (whatever you use). I bought some really hard wax and just take one of those powerballs to buff it and clean it up.