RJM EGR Eliminator

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it only correct way to do it would be to get a tune for it. That will keep the codes from showing up but I think it causes more damage as it tells the ecu that the egr is working correctly when it is not.
That's not the case, it has a function to tell the EGR it is not functioning but keeps the check engine light from coming on. I guess it needs two faults to make the CEL come on. That's pretty handy they have the clip on there, mine fell out before they did that.
In my case the check engine light is not an issue...as the engine is in a Miata and not connected to the Miata check engine light.

I'm more concerned about the driveability issues and running rich issues associated with no EGR. They mention that the engine will run correctly with this unit in place, just wondering if this is true or if I'll need a tune for sure.